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03-22-2013, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by tau41 View Post
But here, let me help you out. To sum up the both of you, you put forward lousy ideas that neither change the fundamental system nor address its serious flaws. Crafting in this game sucks at every level, and having marginally better loot out of it won't fix what's wrong, though it might funnel a few more credits into the pockets of the people who bleed their eyes out working with it.
Doesn't address serious flaws?

Dilithum costs are ridiculous in crafting right now. How does significantly lowering/removing them not fix that?

Crafting becomes pointless at end-game as none of the gear scales to Mk XII. How does allowing gear to scale to Mk XII not address that flaw?

At present, crafted set gear is woefully outclassed by non-crafted set gear. How does adding new crafted set gear that's on par with mission oriented set gear not fix that issue?

People don't bother to craft because the items that are crafted have (in most cases) absolutely terrible mod selection. How does allowing players to chose their mods not address that concern?

Originally Posted by tau41 View Post
Crafting stations in an obscure place, hunting particle traces which you turn into stuff? It's all contrived. You have to fix the concept before you can fix the execution.
So your problem is with the fact that in an era where replicators exist (which by the way, cannot make everything, nor can they do the fine mechanical work that's necessary for most advanced construction) you object to having to actually put some effort into crafting to get stuff?

Argue that line, instead of the argument that fixing the glaring flaws in STO's crafting system wouldn't actually fix the glaring flaws in STO's crafting system.