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03-22-2013, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
In this presence of gloomy threads related to the KDF since the expansion was announced, I want to join in on the positive one and thank the devs. for what has been done so far, while we wait for more info on it to be uncovered in the upcoming period.

So, thanks devs. for updating the UI and for the option to start a KDF char. as your first one! I want you to know that despite many complaints that would undoubtedly catch your eyes & ears, many of us do apreciate what has been announced for our faction so far.

Brandon, if you're reading this give a pat on the back to the guys at the studio for me and tell them that we are eagerly awaiting to find out more things related to our faction from the upcomming expansion.
Me too.

KDF is getting more content, and people should appreciate that.

Cryptic could have just left the KDF as it is, and added the romulans as the second starter faction to the Federation, yet they included the Klingons too.