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03-22-2013, 10:47 AM
I just want to say I think your right if I understand you correctly on this. I believe that in PVP, unless in special matches or something, Fed's should never PVP against feds. Also I think what you mean by all vs all to be some generic form of PVP where any faction ship fights against any faction ship friend or foe. This would, if what you are saying, be ridiculous and not a step to territorial PVP. (I know we have matches now with Fed vs Fed and Klingon vs Klingon, and well the latter may be Ok but the first is just wrong).
RTS is another form of play, but I see that as more of a tactical overview. We already have a decent tactical overview in terms of ships, but the great thing about SC1 2 and 3 was it appealed to those of us who also like strategy. There is nothing wrong with RTS, not even saying it couldn't work somehow in this game, I just have a personal love for big strategic overviews in MMO's because so few have that kind of grand scale.
This is why I loved SWG near the end, I got to sit down with my Guild and plan every aspect of my personal war against the Empire, and was some of the most fun I've ever had in gaming. Getting older, and becoming more of a Star Trek fan though, I would love to have the same type of immersion with my Fleet in this game.
I also believe that a good MMO reaches out to all 3 types of major gameplayers, that being RTS Strategy and action (Or tactical as I like to call it). The nice thing about territorial combat is that it moves the strategic and metagaming part of the game forward. It wouldn't be easy, and who knows if it could be done. Some don't believe it can because of either the tech or the company doing it, but I'll continue to drum up support, because the strategic crowd in MMO gaming is usually completely overlooked .