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So your problem is with the fact that in an era where replicators exist (which by the way, cannot make everything, nor can they do the fine mechanical work that's necessary for most advanced construction) you object to having to actually put some effort into crafting to get stuff?

Argue that line, instead of the argument that fixing the glaring flaws in STO's crafting system wouldn't actually fix the glaring flaws in STO's crafting system.
Oh, it's almost like you actually read my first post, except clearly haven't.

Again, you're going to have to accept that we're probably stuck with ridiculous Dilithium sinks. The entire system is full of misery, so it makes sense to fix the entire system. 'Crafting' as it was implemented should never have been put into a science fiction game, but it was. I DID argue the line that the concept was stupid-I was nice about it.

By the same token, let's put back in your face about effort, you're asking for easier crafting as well. That's what removal of the dilithium drain is for you-a crafting nerf to make it easier and take less effort. But get this-it actually DOES make sense that Dilithium-an energy resource-would be expended in the construction of advanced equipment! Throw the unereplicatable materials out, sure-they're just an intermediary abstraction anyhow.

Also, so long as crafting something costs an amount of Dilithium that is relative to the cost of buying one of the extremely rare Fleet items, the Dilithium sink in crafting isn't working ANYHOW because anyone with half a brain will get their items there instead.

What you want is a reduction in cost. That's probably reasonable-I'm certain that the cost is completely out of whack with other systems in game, as that was the exact problem with Champions Online. What I want is them to realize the same thing they realized in CO-everything about the crafting is bad. The execution is awkward, the concept doesn't make sense, on and on. Scrap it and make something good out of it. Since my point is to throw out the old system ANYWAYS, why not design it from the ground up to be more effortless? Again, YOU are the captain. You're not sitting around in engineering tinkering, you have a ship and away teams to lead.

Honestly, this gets even worse the second you look at it from a Klingon perspective.