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03-22-2013, 10:57 AM
Played it since open beta just quit recently BSGO is a really bad game people complain here about balance i dare them to play BSGO a week then talk about imbalance.

Its an endless grind session the open style PvP was good but the credit card heros and their well funded god ships pretty much put a bad spin on that.

And people here have no right to complain about content BSGO has no content at all its get your daily assignments do them hand them in grind grind and grind some more fight a few people.....and grind some more.

Its also has to be the absolute worst game for a newbie to play they get farmed by high level players all the time and nothing is done.

So in short BSGO is a terrible game and i for one am glad to finally be done with that lousy excuse for a game.

Im glad to be playing STO its so much better game that has content and its not just one endless grind session

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