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03-22-2013, 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
Speak for yourself. I enjoyed all the stuff we got with Season 7 (including the Taw Dewa sector and New Romulus. Nothing wrong with what they did for S7 (IMO).
And I'm glad of that - I really am - because without satisfied players like you putting money into this game I wouldn't have a F2P Star Trek MMO to play.

But just because you're satisfied with mediocrity doesn't mean I have to be - and just because I'd like this game to fulfill its potential doesn't mean that I want it to be any less fun for you.

I've been a harsh critic of STO but a fair one and whilst Cryptic as a company has major failings, I don't attribute them to the artists, programmers and designers - I'm sure they do the best job they can within the mandate they're given and they deserve all the praise and thanks they get.
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