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03-22-2013, 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by toneyboy View Post
Hello Vulcanmonk !

Your build looks solid, except on a small detail. From lots of parsing in my chimera, i've found that you gain more than you loose by putting that Universal console (dynamic targetting) into either sci or eng slot (i prefer removing a shield cap console over the neutronium one), and then adding another phaser relay console in tac.

Another good move would be to put your torp in the back in lieu of a turret, and add another dual heavy in the front.

You would also get more crits (and more DPS) by swapping one of those neutronium alloy for the Adapted Borg Module (universal).

Hope this helps, and good hunting !
I second this... how do the two of you like your chimera? Is it on par, say with a Temporal Destroyer? With all the goodies Cryptic is bringing us in May I am thinking of going lifer once its on sale again and like the idea of the Chimera personally. Thanks.
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