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03-22-2013, 11:19 AM
Well, I was tinkering yesterday and noticed a few other things that caught my attention.

1: the DS9 Shutdown map has a section seperate from the rest of the map with the power core. The 0/0/0 point is inside there, and that's where your Boffs disappear to....

2: the Bajor VII indoor map does something weird.... It MIGHT be that your boffs are respawning inside the map, I think the 0/0/0 point is high in the air on the top level. But whenever your Boffs disappear they REappear and try to find you, sometimes they disappear several times....

3: NGC-4447, like the Barge of the Dead, this map has screwball stuff happen. The 0/0/0 point is inside the map in one of the dead end corridors(I think). BUT the weird thing is that your Boffs and enemies warp to a DIFFERENT corridor. Why? no idea. SOMETIMES they'll warp to a location outside the map, but not always.

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