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03-22-2013, 12:20 PM
Just a note here-you insulted me first. But to elaborate on the KDF point...

You're a KDF member. Proud Warrior of House... whatever. The Empire has enemies, and your ship is on the front lines, proud to be defending and promoting the ideals and valor of the empire...

Except that you're off in engineering or wherever, tinkering with crap no one wants because everyone is requisitioning better things through NPC's (as you stated). You bring shame and dishonor to your family, and should be shunned, you awful, lousy Klingon.

Look. The literal reason here that I feel strongly that the current crafting system is just garbage is mostly the arms race theory in design. What role is crafting supposed to play? Currently, it's an outdated money sink for players dumb enough to participate in it, and that is obvious from merely the first few hundred points in.

Your solution, to add mk XII items that are competitive with what's out there is good on paper, and bad in practice BECAUSE of the arms race theory. Every patch, or at least every so often, they will want to release a new rep, or something new with NPC's to keep player interest up. One of the easiest ways to make players want to pursue that content is new, better, flashier gear. If you update the crafting system to current standards, you bump up the power level in the game (which many people on the forums claims is a little whacked anyhow), AND you create a situation where next patch, we'll see Mk XIII and Mk IV super items because the devs want to get everyone excited about the new stuff.

Conversely, if you make crafting about items that aren't widely available from other segments of the game, it gives the devs a reason to keep updating crafting every patch, which keeps guys like yourself happy (or well, happier) in the long run. Crafting couldeven become about fun things at that point, and no one would mind because there is ALWAYS a market for fun.

And finally... just a consideration for you... No one is going to have money or resources to grab your crafted items until they finish getting the rep items they want because they're sinking a sizable chunk of their resources into the daily rep grinds. If you work WITH this consideration, you realize that prices for everything have a pretty low critical mass-which is good for somethings and REALLY BAD for expensive crafting. I grind out my MACO set, why am I going to want to Aegis? Seriously, *why*? I also consider it "dumb" that the supreme crafted items compete with the Rep items-that's just a lose/lose situation.

Do you get that? Are we at least one the same page now?