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03-22-2013, 11:56 AM
While the particles are here to stay there are things that can be done. Dilithium must be removed from the equasion in favor of boss drops or mission rewards. Crafting must be given more unique items and consumables.
I suggested that they add more unique sets to crafting for ground and space. I would like to see a ground set that includes a kit(it would come in various marks) that encourages people to play the role of a tank or a medic.
Also, as other games do we need multiple crafting trees. Science officers can craft superior consumables and devices for a player to use. Engineers can make superior ship consoles and armor/shields. And, tacs can make weapons and consumables such as grenades or items that can upgrade your weapons fire power by adding an additional mod.
There are a lot of creative fixes and we need to see them. Crafting has always been an important part of any mmo and should be a players primary way of earning money not selling keys.