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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
But that's not what this is about it. It's not about nerfing Tacs into oblivion so that Sci do the most damage. It's about Cryptic going through the trouble to have separated things...and...then basically throwing that separation away all but from the start.
what are the advantages of destroying the tac sci niche? i cant think of 1. those sci skills? sci captains arent going to take over for tacs dealing all that damage with them, like you said. no one will deal that damage in them anymore. tac sci would be the most useless captain and ship combination, at least eng escort can make it easier for an eng to level, theres would be absolutely no synergy putting your tac in a sci.

why would the game be better off arbitrarily separated on a line of your choosing with no one dealing that level of damage with sci skills, and another ship/captain combo being made completely useless? because you have convinced your self it makes more sense for tac skills to magically buff weapons but not sci skills? why do you take this position, because you hate seeing tac captains dealing more damage with YOUR skills? a tac in a sci ship is not breaking the game, not dealing weapon spike, not debuffing worth a damn, hes the very definition of a selfish kirk ship.

everything but shield strips and TR works fine on sci ships if you arent a tard and load up on field gens instead of particle gens, flow caps, graviton gens or countermeasure consoles. the human doffs have not been a wonder cure for VM, its still extreamly effective, and even if its cleared by ET that doesn't stop the doff. useing a PSW that deals no damage to anyone but breaks ES just helped your team more then another tac shooting at a person under ES but has no way to clear it off of them. the most important things a sci can do involve dealing no damage.

im so tired of scis complaining about tacs and completely missing the point of their own existence. a sci is basically impossible for a tac in a traditional COM and LTC tac escort to deal with as it is, it can be juggled like a ball.

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
There are Tacs whining that they're too squishy. There are Tacs whining that they're not killing things fast enough - there's too much healing.

It's not all Tacs, but by God - there are just so many Tacs out there acting like spoiled little's hard not to side with just about anything anybody says against them just to stick it to them.
i haven't even seen pve'ers complain about escort squishyness for over a year, were are you seeing that? no one is even complaining about their damage ether, they still have the spike, its more then ever become the only weapon damage that kills. there hasn't been a single bratty tac for as long as i can remember. the only ones whining are sci captains. even eng captains are stoically trying to convince them selfs and others that they arent completely marginalized.

there is no tacs complaining about their lot in life at all. they are on defense because everyone else with their limited perspective think they are the problem. its actually that their spike is consistently balanced with the healing, and is functioning fairly well. its the other aspects like cruiser damage, some of the sci skills, regular tanking vs speed tanking, that have all been marginalized by 1 thing or the other. tacs are the only thing they have gotten right, nerfing some fundamental aspect of them now would prevent death, there are slim enough margins as it is. go ahead and nef that damnable bug ship though.

so many other things need buffing, id love to have my fed tac cruiser back. id love to see shield striping sci/sci torp boats be a thing again. id love to see even eng cruiser pressure force healing or drive away escorts again. none of that works anymore since ether F2P, season 6, or season 7.
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