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03-22-2013, 12:48 PM
I'm sure these are repeated somewhere in the hundreds of pages above, but my 2 EC:

Short Term:

Add many more ELITE missions. End game needs variety.

Add more options to earn Fleet/Omega/Romulan Marks so we aren't grinding the same missions day after mind numbing day. (I'd love to be able to choose to fly the Rom storyline on Elite and earn Rom Marks, or fight Borg signal contacts to earn Omega Marks)

Klingons should have to fight a duel in order to gain their next class of warship. Heck, lots more duelling and conflict for Klingons in general.

Medium Term:

Completely overhaul 'Explore Strange New Worlds' Missions. Ideally, something open and freeform like the Radiant Engine from Skyrim would go here; a mission from Admiral X to go to Sector Y and explore several new star clusters - including just flying around and inspecting unusual things or actually dealing with first contact. A real 'science challenge' mission would be wonderful. It would be great if missions could start in a similar fashion, then vary based on events and player choices.

Exploration missions should be fail-able, and hopefully have Elite versions that are considerably more challenging.

The most awesome thing would be extra rewards for 'staying out' longer and longer, without going back to starbase - signifying a really long deep exploration mission (Voyager would've earned big Dilitihium!)

In that same vein, expand on the options available in the existing universe. Give me reasons to visit Vulcan or Sol, and things to accomplish there.

Long Term:

Include a lot more activities that can be done aboard ship. Perhaps repairs and crew injuries aren't just visiting a shipyard and hitting 'repair' or spending parts, but could be mini-missions undertaken aboard your own vessel to try and repair things yourself, without going back to port.

It'd be awesome if your DOff's spawned models aboard your ship.

It'd be even more awesome and Trek-ish if you could play small quests aboard your own ship, interacting with your own crew. Espescially if those interactions gave bonuses (even temp ones) to your BOffs and DOffs.