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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
In PvE, without it - yeah...who would notice if it was missing? NPCs don't buff up like Players.

I believe that's where they're (the complaining Sci folk) are coming from.

In PvE ... If you're bringing a Sci Vessel along for some control/etc - you want a Tac in it.

That Tac will not only do more damage with the actual weapons of the ship, they'll also do more damage with the Sci abilities. They'll bring FoMM which the NPCs aren't spamming TT and clearing. Tac Init will refresh their few Tac abilities faster - giving them that lil' extra edge as well. They'll bring another copy of Tac Fleet to run in the rotation to maximize the group's damage through the encounter. Heck, they take some hull damage and pop GDF - even more damage.

If the Sci abilities were buffed for damage because they could no longer be affected by Tac abilities...then anybody, Tac/Eng/Sci would be doing the same damage with those abilities. Only the Tac could also boost the weapon damage coming from that Sci Vessel. The Tac would still do the most damage in it. The Tac would still bring more in the Sci than the Sci - since SNB would still be meh.

What it would change though - is the amount of damage the Sci did bring in that Sci. They might get fewer tells complaining that they're there.

It's kind of easy to see where they grumble about certain things like that.

Tac - brings additional damage to whatever ship they're in - it's not going to be the maximum DPS they could do - but they bring additional damage than what an Eng or Sci could bring to those ships.

Tac in a Cruiser? They boost the damage while being able to toss the heals.
Tac in a Sci? They boost the damage while being able to sling the control.

True, neither the Tac nor Eng can drop out SNB...that's PvP vs. PvE though.

It's pretty easy to see where they're coming from on certain things. It's also pretty easy to see ... there's no getting around that in PvE the Tac is going to be better.
I was going to say something like this, you beat me to it. I think the biggest complaint is in PvE. This is in the wrong forum section. In STFs a Sci/Sci needs more damage to be worthwhile to the team (as does Eng/Eng TBO)

The solution may be twofold...
1. Give NPCs buffs that SNB can be useful against
2. Make NPCs do more tankable damage and less 1-shots that even Eng/Eng have trouble with

Of course this has all been said before, the newer crowds just keep coming to the same conclusions after a while.

In PvE there is no reason to play anything but Tac in space.

(PS. why is it so bad if 5 Sci/Sci can kill a guy with Science but okay that 5 Tac/Tac can do the same thing?)