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03-22-2013, 02:03 PM
Nemesis has too many plot canyons, senseless action scenes (so a buggy without a windshield (something you only do in full gear since little stones hitting your face hurt a lot so you should have a full helmet.) that is carried by a specialized shuttle devoted to carry a vehicle less useful than itself. is used to race around a planet full of mad max aliens. uh huh. to find a SUDDENLY appearing soong android. we totally have NO qualms about putting that thing back together because, you know, we only had one other soong droid and he was a headcase.)

Yeah and we totally had noone on picards little fleet thinking "yes perhaps we should go look in that nebula....

Or a pointless **** scene to make sure the audience gets that this is the villain.

with is uber ship he could have seeked out the enterpsie, clobbered it to death, boarded it and capture picard, then proceed with his unbeatable cloack to nuke earth.

Its sad when chucks crazy janeway plot makes more sense....

I like khan better, because he has charisma.


BANE IS SHINZON! Dude, working dilithium in a deep hole like mien sure buffs you up!