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Well yeah, but I just took that to mean that they have no plans to put the Cardassians in the game as a playable faction. Just like the Ferengi, Breen, Dominion, Tholians, and any other species that finds their iconic ships trapped in floating space-cubes.
And all this time I thought that trapping ships in floating space-cubes was some new, wacky borg weapon.

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I am happy about the news but I have concerns. I am worried about how this will effect the Klingon faction. With another faction to play as how many people will be playing on the Klingon side. I am worried that if the Romulan faction does not get enough people playing it and they don't make enough money from them that they are going to be treated like the Klingon side has been.

Me personally I am going to play on the Romulan side in addition to playing some on both the Fed and Klingon side. I like variety so for me personally it is better to have more options.

I would like to see what people think and what concerns you have.
While I'm more of a KDF that IRF fan, I have been hoping for a Romulan faction since beta.

My concerns for the Romulans are the same concerns I have with the Klingons really.
  1. Are there be missions enough to get from 1st to level cap without ridiculous amounts of grinding?
  2. Will there be sufficient variety of stuff (i.e. costumes and ships) for the faction? For me specifically that means full TOS outfits for all faction members, but each to their own.

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