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03-22-2013, 03:18 PM
Erm... Nemesis tried to do what WoK did, and failed...

It tried to tie in the Foil of the Captain, Kirk v Khan, and Picard v Shinzon. But Kirk v Khan was more subtle on a more base level of Khan being a high and mighty Superhuman, and Kirk being a down to earth badass Captain. Also, the revenge bit was alot more believable as Khan DID blame Kirk for his abandonment on Ceti Alpha V (rightfully so) and the death of his wife (somewhat of a stretch, but I have seen such leaps form obsessive people before.) They played off each other well.

I thought the whole Clone of Picard things was a bit steep and not needed. It was forcing the question of "What would Picard have been like raised on Remus?" Well, DUH! He would have been a different person. Nurture vs Nature.

Nemesis also tried to do the sacrifice for the greater good idea. But there was no build up to it, I felt. In WoK, their were discussing the idea throughout the movie, on many levels. Within the first ten minutes, they were discussing "The best of times, and the Worst of times." and introduced the No-Win scenario.. which Kirk cheated.

Data... he has a back-up copy of him, and he thought, "I owe Picard something, So I will save him and my friends." But there was little prelude to it. There was no discussion about life and death and sacrifice. It was all focused on Picard and a tortured childhood.

Nemesis tried and failed to be true trek.