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Because one of yous talked about how simple it'd be to add it b/c it's "Just a Miranda with a turret on the back".

It's not.

Or more specifically, it has a lot of little detail, which you can find on the kits but might miss at a glance in the episode itself. For instance, the underside turret is barely visible, being largely obscured by the nacelles. It's still present a couple times, and you get a good shot of it when the ship returns in First Contact IIRC.

Here's a gallery with more model shots- very nicely put together and my god the aztecing work is amazing.

Here's another completed model with updated greeble bits (the kit missed a few).

Here's probably the best onscreen shot to prove that the underside turret isn't just a fabrication- lighting was deliberately bad that entire episode.

So anyways, there's all your details. If you have any questions, go ask the guys at, they know everything.

EDIT: Mechanics suggestion: Special separate 'turret' weapons slot, which applies [arc] to any weapon slotted in it (except actual turrets obviously).