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03-22-2013, 05:21 PM
im only going to talk about pvp, were this stuff maters and all that. i give little concern to pve, since it can be done in a shuttle. they made the vesta so sci captains in pve could have sci ships that can deal damage more like an escort, have at. nothing is ever going to out do a tac in pve, not unless its all reimagined.

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but thats the point, compare a tac.sci with an eng/sci. One has a niche, the other doesn't..... We need synergy for the eng class badly. Pressure damage is one thing, but even if it is a sci ship as healer, we need a meaningful that an eng can do in that position.
i agree that thats the point, but theres far to much focus on the destruction of a niche, instead of the restoration of eng captains, cruisers, and anything thats not a tac in an escort.

save your breath until bort is done playing with his christiline toy though.
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