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# 1 Kumari? Not for me
03-22-2013, 06:53 PM
I've seen a lot of these ships in the past several weeks and was wondering why folks on this side would want one, seeing how in the elite STF's they spend most of their time respawning, they explode in very vibrant colors though. They're like flying paper mache with guns. They're just targets that annoy the spheres & cubes and it only takes one swat to get rid of them. I have yet to see one not explode and even in a normal Hive Onslaught run their survivability is nil.

Seriuosly this thing needs to be a lot faster than it is to have a better chance of surviving. It as well as the BoP should be the 2 fastest ships in the game since with their low hull points and shield strength makes their main tactic hit and run. At least the BoP has battle cloak to help it but sometimes even that isn't enough. Speed would help both ships with the Kumari being faster to compensate for not having battle cloak.

As the Kumari is now the Feds can have it.