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03-22-2013, 06:59 PM
I think option 3 is more likely with option 3 being the following:

There will be a focus on bring up KDF and RSE into somewhat equal status with Starfleet in relation to leveling missions, that means KDF will have its Romulan Front expanded beyond just the FE+Alpha with perhaps new missions on the Federation front.

Those missions are likely based on the RSE missions, Cardassian front missions might be shared with RSE and KDF having the same missions, some missions (like "A New Link") might be adapted for RSE/KDF use.

After that, focus will be back on Feature Episodes that will be cross faction as they have been so far.

I think the idea Fedland is being abandoned in favor of their new masters is just absurd, like it or not the "Feddies" are going to compose about 50%+ of the population and there is also the fact the game been stuck on "A Light in the Dark" and it needs to move forward.

That DOES mean there must be a convergence were KDF/Fed/RSE will be playing the exact same missions, they already do with the "The Undine Advance" that is the same for all, what lacks is a reasoning to why they will be doing the same missions.

Well thats what I think ... trying to develop 3 factions into 3 different directions will just lead us to were we are or worst.