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03-22-2013, 08:31 PM
I had posted about this the day they fixed it that there might be a problem. I very quickly got flamed and smacked down for my observations.

Before the change, I had all Surians, and my hull repair out of combat was 168, 69 in combat with full crew. Now its 318 out and 176 in. My Breen ship went from having a slightly more efficient warp core, to running HE2 at all times.

When I DO run Elite STFs, my escort should NOT be able to tank a tac cube or gateway without any worry whatsoever.

Cruiser had to work very hard to dent an escort before the change. Now, a cruiser with any weapon combination whatsoever will never put a dent into anything with 5 human boffs, let alone an escort.

Humans went from worthless to absolutely insane. Is there nothing in between?