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03-22-2013, 09:16 PM
some pure maths I did not that long ago:
103.5% hull repair with 4 human boffs
17.8% no boffs

103.5 - 17.8
0.857 * 46011
39431.427 / 60
657.19 hull repair per second
Well escorts in PvP deal 1500-3500 over the entire match on average (for a good player), for a good opponent that is more like 2000 so that is approx 1/4 of hull damage resisted.
I am no longer PvPing on my main until this bug is fixed then since I do not wish to replace my human boffs that I got before the bug occured.
Thing is no matter how you scale the hull repair it will end up unfair for a great deal of players (escort attacking vs crusier attacking, so will amplify the to much resist in game problem), the mechinic should be trashed entirely and the subsystem repair buffed a lot or something (because that is incredibly useful in PvP esp if you have no points in subsystem repair). Or it could be scaled to hull resists (so 1% hull damage resist per boff + 0.1% per 100 crew or something).

math continued:
657 / 46011
0.01427919410575731890200169524679 * 100
1.43% of hull is regerated from 4 human boffs
that would be per second and is in combat (all numbers)

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