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03-22-2013, 10:32 PM
Yes, let's paste the same link twice, that'll show 'em.

But I concede the point, I seem to have gotten that point from the wrong half of the Memory-Alpha article.

If we go by STO rational, it would be some sort of heavier 'light cruiser'.

Anyways, we know that the Bozeman itself underwent a refit, because it was one of the ships fighting the Cube in Insurrection- and if it was as crappy a ship as the lore suggests they probably would have just quietly decommissioned it and given Morgan a Saber class or something.

Anyways, the tier 5 connie issue explicitly doesn't apply to other ships- there's no problem with a Tier 5 D7, and anyways Rademaker has a modernized Miranda variant that could easily be adapted for tier 5. Soyuz as a C-store tier 3 variant would be pretty neat, and I'd love to see the idea of actual 'turret mounts' applied to higher tier ships. Widening the arc on useful weapons like 'dual heavy cannons' or even just torpedoes. Might be a good way for Cryptic to continue to release new stuff without the power creep mandating more five fore weapon slot ships... then eventually six... then seven.... or whatever.