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03-23-2013, 12:53 AM
5 fore/5 tactical consoles 16 turn rate and 0.9 shield mod

wing cannon=hybrid between cannon and DBB,can do hit's ~95k
tachyon burst console =aka bye bye target shields

Yes I would like a similar ship for kdf .

Kumari was built for spike damage ( "stupid amount of damage" )(i love that phrase btw)
I meet poor kumari builds and very good kumari builds and I can tell you that a good build with a good pilot it is a killer ship.
Probably bops can have a chance against them by hitting them and then runing away or maybe kdf battlecruiser could kill them due to bigger hull and shields .
Jhas can kill kumari because it has better turn rate than kumari and close firepower.

I personally I am flying a raptor (4 tactical consoles 4 fore and 15 turn rate 0.88 shield mod) and I would like to have a similar kdf raptor available.The best raptor that kdf can have in this moment has 4 fore/4 tactical 16 turn rate and 0.9 shield mod. I proposed in many threads that it should be enhanced with 5 fore and 5 tactical consoles.(having a cloak will compensate the lack of 95k hitting wing cannon and for shield stripping console)
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