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Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
The hull repair rate depends on able crew, not alive crew. But that only affects the "normal" hull repair rate. The bonus you get from leadership is not affected by crew, nor is it cut by 1/6 in combat like the "normal" hull repair rate.
Out of Combat
5x Human BOFFs 311.8%
0 Human BOFFs 155.9%

In Combat
5x Human BOFFs 181.9%
0 Human BOFFs 26.0%

0 Crew (Theta - In Combat)
5x Human BOFFs 121.2%
0 Human BOFFs 6.5%

That was from Ker'rat. Took forever to find somebody to drop Theta...meh.

Yet, in 101/700 Crew - the repair rate was 39%.

Disruptor Breach.

Need to find somebody with Disruptors to shoot me - see if the same thing happens there.

edit: Thanks to @nixtux for testing at Cracked. Appears it's just the NPC version that does it. The player one didn't.

edit2: Course one thing that stood out was how the recalculations are off - had to reset BOFFs to get it back to the base rate after each death.
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