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03-23-2013, 02:42 AM
Inner fleet working:
  • Allow Fleet Housing
    Since the Fleet Starbase and Embassy are temporal instances, you cannot use them as a true "fleet house" like people uses the Earth Space Dock or other permanent instances. Fleet Starbase and Embassy should have a permanent instance system that allow em to serve as "Fleet Housing"
  • Enhanced Ranks
    Better and enhanced rank systems, allowing for more and less than 7 ranks at any time.
  • Enhanced Fleet permissions
    Pr user permissions to invite, use provisions and stuff like that. Obviously that would require a pr-user permission page
  • Leaderboard
    "Search" capability. Similar to bank repository to find out transactions per player.
  • Provision Store Logging
    Similar to bank logging, we'd like to request logging on fleet/embassy-provision stores as an extension to the leaderboard.
    Current leaderboard only allows us to see who has contributed, but not who has used/abused. An extension of the already existing bank-logging system would be appreciated.
  • PvP Bases:
    While I am not a big fan of PvP, I think it would be healthy for the PvP community to allow PvP-Fleets to flag their bases for random PvP attacks, where other fleets can attack such bases if they themselves have flagged their own bases for this as well.
  • Random encounters:
    Random appearences of enemy ships attacking your base while in orbit, or the need for you to go repair systems at random... Basically a random number generator that requires your attention when you are there, or potentially a timegated event, where you have to allocate time for the "events".
  • Remove Dilithium requirements for non-aesthetic project
    Since we're limited to refine 8.000 Dilithium units, it would be nice to make this part of the game more "Free-to-Play", allowing Dilithium buyers only aesthetic advantages, as in other F2P games.
  • Remove Dilithium prices of Fleet Goodies...
    and highly increase the Fleet credit costs That way, it would incentivate members of the fleet to invest Dilithium on their fleets.
  • Dilithium prices of Fleet goodies should revert to the fleet
    Another possibily is making the Dilithium from the items purchased revert to a "fleet dilithium" storage, that only could be used by those who has permissions, to distribute and contribute it to the current projects (and it would appear in the leaderboard by "Fleet Dilithium Storage" or the name of the fleet).
  • Bank-slot addition
    Fleets are in need of the option to purchase more bank slots / Tabs.

    Not talking about logos...Just names since I understand logos are hard to oversee but names should be an option for fleets.
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