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03-23-2013, 04:11 AM
these numbers are incredibly high and unfair for ships with more crew, the ammount of hull regen now is absurd, and even more unfair for klingons

and the most stupid part on this, is that if you are out of crew, you still have those 100% hull repair, which makes the opponent very op, considering that an escort should have low numbers of hull repair, they now have their lack of tanking compensated by this stupid issue

my transphasic torpedos cant do a S++t against an escort without hull heals, only the cluster is doing some damage, since even if the opponent is out of crew, he still has incredibly high numbers of hull repair and subsystem repair, that's another point, it makes disable skills almost useless, like if apo was't enough.

so theta now is useless, for the job you should rather use a ewp
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