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03-23-2013, 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
We're a lot closer to the second case since the first would require a total overhaul of the campaigns and AI, while the second is basically just numerical tweaks to existing systems.
if we want to be made right, just numerical tweaks wont work, 95% of engineriing consoles are useless for example, to be honest is nearly same with sci ones. as someone said crew system is .. it isnt even broken, it should be remade too. i never ever paid attention or relayed on my crew on my cruser eng.

also they might have good formula to calculate difference between lower and higher arc weapons ... but with current high end weapons, diffrence become a bit too big. it was fine before we got all that purple mk12 weapons, fleet weapons and such, but that was like 2 yars ago.

formula is something like that if i remember correct
(MK0 Base Damage*(360-firing arc)/360) * (1 + (Weapon Skill / 100) + (Mark * 0.1))*(weapon power level/50)

and as you can see with all this multiplications with advancing of weapons, dmg gap becomes larger and larger. not to mention changes they made to weapon drains. wich favors uses of less energy weapons. crusers are way too slow to use anything but 8 beams.
i dont say its not possible, but the lack of ability to equip cannons. nearly same is situation with sci ships after all nerfs to sci abilities past year.

all in all in my opinion, entire content, or ship/boff powers systems should be remade to balance the game and bring all ships to bear.