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03-23-2013, 04:41 AM
Maybe the OP tries to make hes idea more in order to incentivate the Dil colaboration, which uses to be the main problem -Dilithium- for the Fleets to advance their Starbases and Embassies.

I think Dil requirements should be only for aesthetics projects (tribbles, fish-tanks, etc.), cause now the fleet advancement system is -not in estricto sensu, but in praxis- too much Pay-to-Win. You need to invest houndreds of dolars to afford the advancing requirements in Dilithium, cause you're limited to earn 8.000 ridiculous units of Ref Dilithium per day.

And having millions of fleet credits won't incentivate members to donate much Dilithium to the projects, since Fleet equipment costs more dilithium, and Fleet ships costs zens (and more dilithium).

So I think the only thing that could incentivate people to donate Dilithium to the projects is removing the 8000 daily cap and also removing the dilithium costs of fleet goodies, which is redundant.