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03-23-2013, 04:58 AM
Ya there's no doubting the Kumari does insane amounts of dmg. The ones I see that survive a bit longer are the ones who are smart enough to wait for the bigger ships to grab aggro and then come in behind them and unleash hell. But they better be buggering out after that because with the dmg they cause they get noticed real quick and while they can dish it out they can't take the punishment themselves.

I typically buff any Kumari that's on my team with shield and hull heals giving them time to evade after they strike. The Kumari no matter what the build isn't designed to go toe to toe with an enemy and slug it out, just like the BoP if they stick around too long they're toast. More than one opponent shooting at these ships will take them out quick, there just isn't enough hull points and shield strength there to take the punishment. I still think that more speed would benefit these ships so they can get away faster.

I would rather see a BoP with this setup than a Raptor