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I am still reading but i do want to say that while you may want it to be a trinity based mmo, the sto storyline does not support that idea. 9 out of 10 encounters where championed by a single ship and when they did receive help it was not from a team of three balanced roles. Every ship in Startrek was capable of holding its own. Everyship is a floating city. Its alot more about style and desire to play together than it is about the trinity system. There are differences and they probably need to be more clearly defined but you will never see a clear role devision in STO. Not in space combat at least.
No they were not able to hold their own. Thats just called television.

In every show every trek ship basically got their arses owned by whoever they were facing and they only won by some technobabble solution. Irony: They won through use of engineering and science skills not tactical.

The concept of trinity is a gameplay factor. If you have a game where players don't need the help of others and/or when DPS is the sole performing ability in the game you end up not with a game nor an MMO but with a game with little variety and lots of mind-numbing repetitive tasks. Sound familiar?

I remind you (or inform you if you weren't around pre-F2P) that STO used to have a very well balanced trinity. Each ship had a very specific role and while no ship was absolutely required to win a map, the lack of one said ship was noticeable.

For example, elite STFs type missions (hard) where a team was all escorts had great damage..but it took them a long time to finish off the mission since none of them could keep firing on a target for more than a few seconds or they died. They had to stay fast, moving and heal each other. Escorts were nowhere near as overpowered back then as they are now. Doing same said mission with just sci ships... the targets were debuffed till next friday but the sci ship low dps meant it took them time to bring it down. Cruiser teams fared a little better since they were more versatile..they could tank and they could dps but they couldnt do both at once. It was when you had 2 out of three in the trinity doing their jobs that the team had a noticeable improvement. Three present meant that if all three knew their jobs and did them things went smoothly.

Just the borg alerts back then were challenging..a single borg cube was challenging for a team. The sci ship was vital in disabling and debuffing it...the cruiser held aggro and tanked..the escort was the only one with speed and turn rate and firepower to keep hitting the same shield facing and slam the hull (back then neither players nor npcs had balance shield tac team). Ships were nowhere as fast as today either so the team actually fought and stayed together (within 5km) covering each other.

Why I remember flying my sci ship debuffing, covering my cruiser with aoe resist buffs & tossing them heals every now and then. Today doing that is a freaking waste of time. Cruiser doesn't need me and my sci ship has been nerfed (sci itself) so bad the only role that thing can do is toss damage as best it can. A wasted slot in the team actually, any ship with low dps.