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03-23-2013, 05:50 AM
So majorly disappointed in the nerf hammer but the pugs have spoken. Perish the thought that cruisers and science are needed for support and dps with escorts needing support and dealing dps. I seriously hope they make an elite version with the tougher challenge and give the experienced, private groups something to play for.

I really hoped Cryptic was turning a corner here making content that doesn't turn in to a dps race but no a Trill doesn't change it's spot and i can be pretty sure the Romulan and the other half of the kdf faction will be simple dps content. People will stop bothering buying cruisers and science for this reason.

At least Cryptic got one thing right, it's more pug friendly only because you just have to worry about solo pew pew despite it being an MMO. Cryptic by name I guess.