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03-23-2013, 06:20 AM
I would like to see each BOFF race have one race-specific passive trait which they have a good chance to get (humans for leadership, for example or Scientific Aptitude for Vulcans boosting sensor scan, maybe, so of immense value to sci captains) and for there to be random passives which each race has a 1% chance to get.
It would really shake the exchange up, not to mention peoples' builds, if their BOFF choices weren't limited to Saurians and Humans (or Letheans) if they choose to min/max their builds.
I know people like to have Andorians, Ferengi and Bajorans in their ship crews for aesthetics and RP reasons but to have a bigger impact on ship performance would be of immense value in the long run.
Aliens should have a random chance of ANY trait and a smaller chance of a second.
I'm not saying the passives should be space based exclusively. I like to ground missions too so a passive which boosted energy weapons (Bajorans maybe with some kind of Improvise trait) would be welcome too.