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edit--Trinity is not canon either. TOS, TNG, VOY, ENT, were all about one ship making its way, not about "where's my healer"

Trinity is wrong for this game. Period. It should be excised, from the space combat anyway.[/quote]

I completely agree with this statement.

Also, in STO role/class division offers variety in the methods we use to defeat the enemy but does not require us to conform to the typical trinity system. There are far to many different combinations of skills, abilities and equipment to be put into such a small box. However a player should be required to play to his strengths in order to excel. Someone said that each role should be able to defeat another using there own strengths, I agree but I would rather see 2 players of different roles that are equal in skill, experience, rank and equipment both in game and out, reach a stalemate. 1 on 1 pvp should be a testing ground only. No 1 role should be dominant.
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