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03-23-2013, 06:53 AM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
Umadbro? You *WANTED* 15 levels of meaningless, irrelevant bilge? A true Klingon warrior does not need an extended 49 level tutorial!
Dude, it's an MMO. It's all meaningless, irrelevant bilge.

Regardless, the removal (not just neglect, but outright removal) of those 15 levels is what finally convinced me that Cryptic had absolutely no interest in actually developing the KDF. There were other factors in my decision (the "re-leveling of the Klingon experience," the DOff system, the skill revamp, the cloak bug, etc.), but that was too blatant a middle-finger specifically in the face of KDF fans for me to just shrug off.

I respect those who stuck around in spite of it all, but I decided to vote with my feet. Now that Cryptic is giving the first hint of changing their tune, so am I.

Problem wid dat?

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