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Captain's Log: Stardate 89194.2

I'm not sure how she managed to swing it but she did and I can almost guarantee which pointy eared Section Agent it was that told her too. I haven't seen the old bat for almost a decade now but suddenly we were face to face in the airlock. Normally I try to avoid such a thing, but with the missions we usually come across it's a little difficult, the science types back in San Francisco love some of the weird things we come across in the field so i suppose i should have expected this, either way she was here to examine Crewman Wraith and to be honest I was a bit nervous of what might happen. She's always had a bit of a soft spot for fish out of water, so I'm sure once she heard about the one on the Geist she jumped at the chance.

It was a bit of a surprise visit while we were at Earth Space Dock for refit the Geist with some new Borg tech. To be honest had I known about the visit in advance they'd have probably had to put a few tractor beams on the ship to keep me from leaving. She came on board with Admiral Aviess, whom I might add was beside herself in doing this, as overseer of the installation team. The initial meeting went well though the Admiral was a bit surprised by his demeanor, the polite and excitable young man with the Vulcan ears and the Borg complexion. I don't know whose idea it was but I stepped out for a minute and returned to him calling her... "Aunt Kathy."

They spent a lot of time together while she was here overseeing the refit, at one of the dinners with the senior staff she told a few stories of our last meeting at a diplomatic conference, I was serving on one of the ships posted as security and had a few... less then diplomatic encounters with a few of the delegates, one of which ended with me confined to quarters after missing a shift due to a Deltan bar tender. I had managed to pull a muscle or two in my back dealing with some rowdy Klingon patrons and she refused to let me leave until she massaged them back into place. Nothing inappropriate mind you as I still had my sanity but needless to say Marleen had spent every minute of that confinement tearing me a new one regardless. The Admiral had a good laugh at that point when Wraith asked "A new what?"

I delegated most of her tours and such to Commander T'Pal, but on occasions where I had to be present the Admiral and I were cordial at best. She had a habit of telling me how to make the ship more efficient, tweaking emitters and relays to boost the main deflector, minor adjustments to the old Borg systems to help integrate the new modifications, one of which is a prototype version of the Borg cutting beam. I don't mind when officers offer up suggestions, but she tends to "unofficially" assume command and frankly it shows as I've been talking to E'Saul more as a counselor than a friend lately.

Much to my surprise David had been a little on edge as well since Janeway arrived. Usually Dave's a bit of a kiss up when it comes to admirals on board, he's a military man through and through, but every now and then he can get his nose dirty when trying to look good. I stopped him as we were passing in a turbo lift and he tried to dance around the issue but was a bit too easy to read, there was something he knew that was making him uncomfortable and my gut was telling me I should know it too. It wasn't until I saw who he was meeting with that I came back to that nervous feeling which was later reaffirmed that same evening I'd received a call to the holodeck.

As soon as the doors slid open I knew where I was. It was "Incursion Scenario: Wraith Alpha One", a program I should have deleted because I knew eventually this day would come. Keating had shown her the holorecording, more than likely under orders from Janeway or Aviess, no matter how brown his nose is he's a loyal officer and it would only have been under direct orders that he would have unlocked that and not tell me. I was furious by the time I reached the bridge of the Klingon vessel but I stopped dead in my tracks once I saw the expression on her face. There was regret and almost a sadness to her and my heart sank.

She couldn't believe the simulation she'd just watched, not when compared to the young man she'd been spending so much time with, but here laid bare was the weapon he was meant to be. It was a simulation that Drake talked Admiral Aviess into shortly after we had returned to Earth with the boy and Drake wanted the chance to see what exactly he could do unrestricted. She was horrified. I gave her a moment to collect her thoughts, but she kept fiddling with her badge and with her, that meant bad news. She wanted to take him off of the ship, and I couldn't do anything to stop her. I always knew this would happen but I'd be damned though if I wouldn't make it as hard as possible for her though.

Admiral Aviess herself had been no help as she was out ranked in this regard. My senior staff was all to eager to help out, including Commander Keating, who had been avoiding me since the turbolift. He and Wraith never really got along, but He was going to fight for the boy like he would any other member of the crew, something that really hit me kind of hard. This was his home, really the only one he'd ever had, and the closest thing to a family was about to be taken away from him. I knew the old lady was stubborn, but she seemed a bit torn on this herself. On the one hand she was the head of Starfleet's Science Division being shown a weapon built with top secret Federation technology and on the other hand was a polite young man calling her "Aunt Kathy".

My best option was to exploit this, for as much as we butt heads the Admiral was a good woman and willing to listen to reason. I began talking with Wraith on the subject and as expected he didn't want to leave the ship but was more than willing to cooperate and you could see it in his eyes and to be honest you could see it in everything he did. He understood the why but it really didn't make a difference this time around. With as much time as they were spending together he didn't get why..."Aunt Kathy"... would do something like this and from the sound of it he felt hurt by her decision. He'd been hurt numerous times on away missions or during combat, but it was all physical pain ant this was the first time the boy had ever really felt pain on an emotional level.

He didn't have a lot to pack so it didn't take much time before he had beamed down to Starfleet Headquarters. From this point on she would over see the refit remotely checking in with her team from San Francisco. More than likely she had him in a lab, possibly something like personal quarters to make him feel more comfortable, it's a standard tactic to help keep observation subjects to compliant and I couldn't help be angered by a member of my Crew being treated as such. No one I contacted could really do much in the way of help. Admiral Janeway was one of the higher ups when it came to both the Borg and Science stuff on general giving her the final say in a lot of these manners.

After a week since they'd left I even tried pulling legal precedent on the grounds that he is a person and not officially a member of the Federation, something to which Aviess responded that given what he is she could have done this long ago and she had to pull a few strings to keep him aboard more as a favor to me. I was livid at this point, with all of the missions this ship had come through, many of which Wraith had been a part of, and yet there seemed to be no one I could turn too. I decided to go directly to the source of my problem since none of this would have happened had she not come aboard and maybe it was about time to pay her a visit and see what kind of mischief I can get into under her watch, something that I haven't done since undergoing Borg training under her at the academy.

When we materialized outside of her complex it wasn't at all like I had expected. Commander T'Pal and I had beamed in close and with out calling ahead, other wise she might have thrown up a few force fields before we arrived. Upon walking in though we found no resistance and in fact the woman at reception had been expecting me. T'Pal had to remind me to be polite as the receptionist was more than willing to help and even thanked her for me as I stormed off down the hall way. Barging through the doors what I'd found had surprised me, instead of a lab filled with doctors and scientists I found my self in a grassy field out side of a small Earth town or village more like it.

T'Pal was silent upon entering as well, I guess that's as close to surprise as a Vulcan can get when entering an unexpected holodeck. As we walked further in The townsfolk were more than pleasant and willing to help and admittedly it did kind of put me at an awkward calm, almost as if I were a bit too curious as to what was going on to be angry. It had to be early nineteenth century from the by the dress some where in Ancient Europe from the accents, but history was never a favorite subject of mine. I didn't even know where to start looking for Wraith or the Admiral and the computer didn't respond to my commands when my First Officer suggested simply asking to which an elderly man answered that "Mrs. O'Claire and that Dark Fae nephew a hers were at the pub last I seen 'em".

Upon entering a place called Sullivan's we found the Admiral and Wraith playing some kind of ring toss game and laughing aloud like nothing was wrong, the boy noticed me almost instantly and waved excitedly for us to come over. I was more than confused at this point and didn't know where to start when suddenly Janeway said the only thing that mattered: "He's already packed and ready to go." She orders him off of my ship and keeps him at a laboratory compound for a week and when I barge in to protest he's already ready to return?

As T'Pal and Wraith went off to collect his bag it gave me time to talk with the Admiral about what happened and why the sudden change in heart, why would she deem him too dangerous and then suddenly hand him back? She looked at me confused for a moment herself before responding with "Dangerous? Heavens no, I took him for his own good. Did you know he's never even seen a book let alone read one?" She had me there... Years later and the ol' bat was still educating me. With every thing he was learning on the ship we never stopped to think what he might want to learn, we were teaching him to be a better crewman but not a better person. I've never really talked to him much about what he might want to learn, I did the same thing to Thomas as a boy, teaching him what I thought he should know instead of encouraging his abilities. She explained that she had him removed for his own good, so that he could be better than what he was built to be, but no matter what she could teach him here his place was on the Geist. It's where he belonged and where he wanted to be, with those he considered his family. She did raise a little concern when he asked if he could visit a certain Ambassador that he owned though...

When she walked us out of the complex she handed Wraith a small data padd full of things he should keep studying as well as a list of books to replicate before turning to me and asking about several fruit baskets giving me a nice opportunity to beam back to the Geist giving her nothing but a smirk and a thank you. After he managed to get settle in of course I swung by his quarters to walk him to a welcome back dinner the senior staff was throwing. Curiously though he mentioned that the only scientific procedure she had done was an extraction of his nanite antibodies, reprogramming them to be more like a virus as part of a plan B for a trip she might be taking soon. I made a note to check into that later as it seemed very out of place for her to do such a thing. For now though it was good to have him back though it wasn't until we reached the mess hall that he said something that really made me smile.

"I really enjoyed the time spent with Aunt Kathy, but she kind of seemed full of herself, like she's smarter and you should know it."

I couldn't help but laugh as the doors slid open and every one welcomed the boy home.

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