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03-23-2013, 07:25 AM
Just as an example for the point of discussion: Freelancer has full 3D flight controls. You can control pitch, yaw and roll, you can barrel roll, aeleron roll, fly a loop, you can strafe the ship sideways (same as strafing in ground game here), and you can straafe the ship while doing any of the other stuff if you are able to get your fingers into the right kind of knot. And while you are doing this you have to keep the weapon cross hair on the target and pull the trigger yourself. Oh and different weapons have different ranges and munition speeds so you cant fire all the things at once and expect everything to hit. It's hard to learn, and everybody who has been doing it for a while has a massive advantage over the newbs who can barely figure out the 2D turning. So that is pretty much the opposite end of the spectrum from what we have here.

As for allowing vertical climbs... If you did do it you would have to rework a lot of stuff, things like NPCs would need to be able to fly vertically to keep you in their arcs, or else people would just fly under the target and point the forward arc up to shoot the NPC who cant shoot back. Then if you have NPCs flying vertically, you need EVERYBODY to fly vertically or else the NPCs will wtfpwn the newbs. For me, STO just not that kind of game. You'll never get to the point of full 3D combat anyway, with having to actually aim the guns, so its just incremental change at a lot of cost and very little gain.

Also, you can already manipulate firing arcs with reverse and corkscrew and a few other things that people are saying is too damned hard. This is about making it simpler, not making it more involved.