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lol. why would you say that? I provided not only loads of parses, but the parser itself, so you can easily compare... lol. I even stated what are the drawbacks of my build, and what makes it tick. I see no way why would they be far fetched. unless we all have way too much time on our hands, and do phoshopping and such just so we can impress the mighty, respectable and honorable people of the forums
concerning your post, i was scrolling through the detailed list you provided and i saw those max hits of 6k. Now a 6k hit is really something impressive and i'm barely able to reproduce such a hit even with a DHC without any heavy debuffing and/or a tac captain. So my guess is that only multiple stacks of sensor scan, FomM, etc... can produce such a hit with a beam.
I'm completely buffeled by this numbers, since without major debuffing from multiple players that seems impossible to reproduce with beams. First i thought it was the hit from the 3 part set bonus, but you have only 2 it can't be that.

personally i think the error of the parser lies with the beam array dmg and the fire at will 1 dmg...i think they are counted sepperately even while fire at will is active the parser (or combat log) counts them as sepperate hits when in fact it is only one take away a good portion of the beam array dmg (depending on the uptime of fire at will) and you have DPS numbers corresponding to a sci vessel with 6 beams that are kept above 110 weaponenergy all the time.

also the elite scorpion alone do 2300 if i check your list correctly (all plasma torpedo dmg is coming from the scorpion fighters i asume)

the dps we have here is then also distorted in the same fashion, seems to me the parser (or combat log) can't handle fire at will accordingly. That is ofcourse only my opinion based upon my experiance that 10k dps is rather something very rare and requires a multitude of targets over the course of the entire battle + some heavy debuffing.
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