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Originally Posted by propdrvnstrshp View Post
Looks like it's all I'll be playing, since I can't log in to STO, after the nightmarish task of linking accounts, changing email for new PW account, finding my characters not there when I logged in, changing the password, and having it STILL not accept it. Got a support ticket in, but I'm pretty ticked off, because it's a lifetime account. The world is NOT "perfect".
Sounds like instead of linking your account, you may have created a new account with the same name as the old one, which renders your Cryptic account inaccessible. You'll have to wait on that Customer Service ticket to fix that, it's not something a user can fix themselves. Sorry for the inconvenience, but don't worry, your characters will all be there once it's sorted out.

You also won't be able to access Neverwinter beta until that's sorted out, as your Perfect World account thus isn't linked to an STO account with a lifetime sub. That, too, will be corrected once CS helps you.

For anybody else who hasn't linked yet, you will HAVE to link to make this work, and I recommend carefully reading the following before you begin:
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