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03-23-2013, 08:08 AM
Something to know about goldsellers: The whole sweatshop currency farming thing died years ago, it was too labor intensive to be profitable in most games.

They get the currency they sell now by using keyloggers to compromise accounts - often of their own customers, but their primary means are distributing fake hacks, cheats, or bots on different websites that are actually keyloggers and using malicious scripts attached to their advertisements to install keyloggers on people using out of date versions of Internet Explorer.

Even if you take computer security seriously and are successful in buying EC without having your account stolen, you're still taking something that was stolen from another account.

To help avoid crashes, switching form fullscreen to windowed mode can help. It's usually not the game, but other software not relinquishing its control of resources that causes full screen games to crash or lock on alt+tab.

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