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03-23-2013, 08:43 AM
I would say that, at least with escorts and science vessels, 5k dps using STOICS is quite easy to reach, even more so with a good team. I also have witnessed several cruisers hitting that mark, but those were generally cannon Excelsiors with tac captains. I know I have to milk every bit of dps out of my Fleet Nebula as an engi captain to reach 7k, and have a bit of luck, but honestly...that's really all anyone needs.

So if the OP really has achieved a 10k dps Galaxy, gratz, but it really doesn't matter in the end if it's an effective build that isn't immediately supplanted by an everyday escort in combat. I'd be interested to see what dmg you can pull with this build if you modified it for a Support Cruiser, though.