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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Is it possible that the ones you encountered are the tactical variation of the Kumari? That one has the inviting 5 tac. consoles, but it's Boff layout is just suicidal.
Well almost, the only hull heal I have is HE I since you can only have 3 heals and HE is a must and you can only have one ensign level Eng ability that just limits to ET and EptS leaving just one heal you can pick and there isnt much on Sci outside PH, ST and TSS.

The only viable tactic is kill everyone before they kill you.

On the other hand, the Charal class is suposed to be quite durable in the hands of a capable captain. It's basically a partrol escort with additional firepower to the front and nice bonuses if you have the whole set. That thing can hold on it's own.
True, there are far more choices on the 2 options as the Kumari version is simply a hell lot of firepower, the moment its exposed its the moment it can be killed with ease because it simply cannot deal with damage management after a certain point and its very easy to reach that point.