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03-23-2013, 10:32 AM
I think the Trinity would be ok if it would only affect the Player classes, but not ships.

Ships should be more like this

Big, powerful all-round ships, strategic oriented playstyle
Boff Slot emphasis:
Tactical 5/10
Engineering 5/10
Science 5/10
Hull 10/10
Maneuverability 5/10

Fast and nimble, action oriented playstyle
Boff Slot emphasis:
Tactical 10/10
Engineering 5/10
Science 0/10
Hull 5/10
Maneuverability 10/10

Science Magic and crowd control
Boff Slot emphasis:
Tactical 1/10
Engineering 5/10
Science 10/10
Hull 6/10
Maneuverability 8/10

Additionally, each ship class should get adequate Console layout and a additionaly universal Lt BOFF slot.

I think Escorts and Cruisers should be quite similar in Survivability and Firepower, just with other means.
While Escorts should have their primiary firepower to the front, and be able to maneuver very fast (just as the do already), cruisers should be able to do just as much damage. Balanced this way, ships in STO would be much more like ships in the shows. It is not about making any ship type over powered or superior to another, but to make them more equal. But in no way a ship should be put into a role of a passive teethless healer, the Galaxy Class being the most extreme example of this. All Cruisers should get at least +2 turnrate and Starfleet Cruisers should get acess to Dual Cannons.

The most important thing would be to rework some BOFF powers and to add some additional ones, to give every branch a much wider array of possible offensive and defensive powers.
For example, almost all low level Engineering powers share the same cooldown and are either passive or heals.
In my opinion Engineering powers should support Beam weapons much more, like a "Beam Weapon: Rapid Fire" power or something similar.

I think the Trinity just doesn't work with Star Trek ships. As we saw in the shows and Movies, Star Trek ships where generalists, not specialists. Of course some where more focussed on a certain field, like the defiants tactical focus, but still it could do some recon missions. The Galaxy Class is a more extreme example, being able to do almost every type of mission and being highly adaptable to refits and modifications, this ship should have a science/engineering/tactical version by default.

So Star Trek ships are not like BSG or Star Wars ships, they are much more versatile.
Cryptic should make them equal strong in offensive and defensive, just supporting different playstyles.
Character class PLUS BOFF powers PLUS the Ship should define the "role" of the ship, but not the ship alone.
Ships should rather support varius playstyles.

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