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03-23-2013, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
So what happens when you catch fire? Do you scream "ARGH, FIRE!" and hope someone on your team puts you out? You don't seem to have a fire extinguisher.
What happens? Nothing. My passive hull heal and borg proc far outheals any damage puny plasma fires can do. So I ignore it.

Originally Posted by bobsisko47 View Post
That would add the missing fire extinguisher and has still some shield heal available. But you should cycle TSS together with EPtA, to get the most out of it
This ship needs Reverse Shield Polarity far, far more than it needs Hazard Emitters. Without RSP, the ship would be too squishy. The Plasma Fire is taken care of by passive healing. Also, with no aux power, Transfer Shield Strength won't do much good at all.

Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
Two of the same EPTX on an ATB boat is still completely unnecessary and thoroughly useless.
This has already been adressed further up. I'll likely try and change it to an Engineering Team for out of combat healing, although I suspect it will be just as unneccessary, except for maybe healing the base in Starbase Defense and such.

Originally Posted by mehen View Post
Aye; I'd toss in a ET1 instead of the second EPtS1 for a multipurpose heal that you can throw out when needed. Although I'm honestly not sure why you'd chose a vessel that isn't really like a cruiser to run an Aux2Bat build, more power to the OP if it works well. If you always run with a buddy or two that can put out those fires, I don't see anything inherently wrong with the build.

Note: the Adapted shield has a much higher bleed-through rate than the regular Maco, so I think it might be better to run with the MkXII Maco which will also grant you bonus power when being hit (and bonuses to structural and shield skills to boot).
The ship as posted works extremely well so far, and is probably the most durable escort type build I've flown yet. As for MACO vs. Adapted MACO, I realize that there are better options in terms of bleedthrough. However, the placate proc on Adapted MACO is very powerful for escorts, as it'll drop you to the bottom of the threat list. Not being hit at all is preferable to having a little bit less bleedthrough.

I haven't done it before, but I'll try messing around with fraps today, and see if I can get a video of the ship in action. It's hard to see exactly how it works, without actually seeing it fly.