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03-23-2013, 10:36 AM
In regards to data's death, the reason it has less of an impact than Spock's did (at least to me) is because of the final scene. The one with B4. We basically see at the end of the film that this character, who we have watched grow for what? 20 years? valiantly sacrifice himself to save his ship, his crew, his family. He is given a little memorial service, with Riker remembering when he first met data (thank god that part actually contained continuity!), but after all this, we are shown that Data is coming back. His memories are reprogramming over B4, so by the picture's end, we know this character will be back.

With Spock, we had none of that. We had the same valiant sacrifice, we had the funeral, but at the end of the film.... he was dead. There was no hint that he was coming back. Oh sure, he landed on Genesis, but that couldn't bring him back. Right? You end the film saying goodbye to Spock, and no, he is not coming back.

That's just my view on the two deaths, anyhoo.

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