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Nemesis is what happens when a director with little prior knowledge of the franchise is assigned... By the time it was made, the cast were too old, and their decrepit running around was like something out of Dad's Army, and as embarassing as the ego-trip Shatnerverse novels. (F**K YOU whoever let Shatner write them! ) On the plus side, Nemesis did have Dina Meyer in it It also had a very cool cameo from Bryan Singer (who got spaced seconds later...) I liked the concept behind Shinzon and the Remans, I just felt they were too OTT in terms of wardrobe and appearance... I would have much rather have seen the Remans wearing Romulan uniforms, and the Scimitar having a more Romulan feel to its technology... Something which would have showed that they were not truly a Space-Capable species in their own right, but were using the scraps of the Romulan navy they had taken over. But now is where I must play Devil's Advocate...
I think Wrath of Khan is over-rated... Viewed on an academic level, yes, it makes better sense, ie a pre-existing character etc, but I think Kirk faced greater enemies than Khan, so for him to suddenly be presented as this Big Bad, well, I just never bought it... Garth of Izar, on the other hand, that SoB was batsh*t-crazy, super-powered and had the emotional impact of being a heroic figure of the officers, one of Starfleet's greatest officers, being reduced to the level of a genocidal sociopath. Garth would have kicked Khan's ass into the middle of next week and then made him his dancing monkey for his amusement...
Death scenes... The death of Spock chokes me up every time I see it, even though I know full well that he will ultimately survive. Data's death, on the other hand, despite being a character I liked much more than Spock, I just thought 'meh', and it never impacted me at all. To me, that's the difference in the quality of the writing and directing. I do think WoK is the better film, but I also think it is an over-rated one, and personally, I enjoy Search for Spock more...
Nemesis should have been the first DS9 movie. The plot was, after all, a tie-in to the Dominion War. They could have brought in Sisko's deception to bring the Romulans in as part of the plot. It would have been much better that way. The problem is that other than Tasha Yar and the Enterprise C, the Romulans just weren't really that big a part of the TNG universe, so making them a foil for Picard just felt forced.

However, credit where credit is due. The final CGI fight was one of the best and most realistic in all Trek.