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03-23-2013, 11:29 AM
Well, at a glance..

-I'd say bump the isometric charge up to where the.. tachyon grid?.. is and put in a fourth AP Mag.
-Drop the Bio Neural Warhead in the aft for a second AP turret.
-Replace Directed Energy Modulation for Reverse Shield Polarity or Aux to Structural Integrity Field. (If you're really wanting more damage, Attack Pattern Beta will take you much further than DEM ever will.)
-You're really not set up for draining, so Tyken's Rift is probably better off being replaced with either Transfer Shield Strength, a Tractor beam, or Repulsors(depending if you want ravage evasion or have extra point defense and zone control - both can synergize with gravity well).

On a side note, I generally suggest against using the Romulan Torpedo Launcher on any ship that uses DHCs. They use different playstyles that work too much against each other. Specifically, you want to get close with DHCs(and cannons in general), and afflicting yourself with plasma fire is far too easy with the rommie launcher given that all shots from it do splash damage(it does work wonders with gravity well, however).

Otherwise, I'd say longer term goals for the ship would be to look into getting a Tachyokinetic Converter(basically a second assimilated console with +turn speed), from the lobi store, to replace the Romulan console and possibly getting a Red Matter Capacitor for your devices - if picking up the collector's edition is an option for you.

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