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03-23-2013, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
<Insert Big Tears>

The best class in the game isn't as super op as it used to be.

</end Big Tears>

You guys are too funny... enjoy playing the best class to pvp with the Sci and stop worrying about nerfing the other classes.

Yes lets go back to the time when no one played Tac at all because having more then one on a team was a recipe for loosing. lol

Lets all get a little honest with ourselves.... FPB is one of the stupidest skills you can run on a sci ship... period end of story. Its just plain bad... and I laugh at any sci ship running it.... INCLUDING tac sci ships. If anyone is dumb enough to die shooting at your FBP... you could have beat them in a shuttle.

PS... Fire on My Mark (Tactical Captain skill)... Useless because its remvoed by tac team.
He's telling you to hit Delta when you FPB... FPB only works if you get shot at... Delta only works if you get shot at... and even if they have a tac team up guess what it still counts in the dmg cause it reapplies every strike.
1, fbp dont work if you hit attack pattern delta, its not that simple since tactical team removes tactical debuffs for 10 seconds, thats a window of 5 seconds against 2 tactical teams, and the boost is too little for me since i didnt fill attack patterns

2, fire on my mark sucks the same way sensor scan do, cleared by tactical team and science team respectively

3, and tacticals aren't a recipe for loosing anymore, since they now get the use of stupid procs, massive hull regen from human boffs, and fleet shields
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