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03-23-2013, 11:41 AM
I blow up sufficient JHAS, Fleet Defiants in my cruiser to know they are not invincible. Its a case of playing at their weakness.

I will give you a hint.

Counter their Speed & maneuverability. - slow them down. Target Engines instead of FAW. Chrotonic Mines and Torps. Polaron weapons work great. Chrotonic Torps are great if you can afford a Lt.Cmdr Torp Spread III.

Most cruiser captains I see still play to the idea that FAW is the only important offensive skill. Its the last one I go for, for the above reason. Any ship that looses its ability for speed and maneuver is fighting on it's back leg and defensively.

Counter DPS - 2x sub-system targeting doffs - Target Weapons. They become limp biscuits. Your durability will wear them down, either till they run or just to stubborn to admit they are already dead.

If you happen to come across a premade, you had better figure out who their heavy hitter is, and apply the above to them constantly and still remember your role is to support your team.

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