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03-23-2013, 11:51 AM
When it comes to escorts, the main problems aren't damage, but:
  • Crew damage is broken, which means one of the biggest advantages cruisers should have (large hull self-heal, amplified abilities from crew) is essentially missing from the game. If Cryptic only give cruisers one thing, then it's this that would be number one on my list.
  • As you say, tactical abilities shouldn't bleed over to onto science ones; they should be restricted to weapon damage only. This would also allow science abilities to be more powerful once again, and return some of them to exotic damage rather than kinetic.
  • The main thing that needs nerfing IMO are the attack patterns, specifically attack pattern omega, which gives a damage boost, good damage resistance, speed and turn-rate boosts (which improve defence), a defence boost,and immunity to movement debuffs! Either this should have its effect severely reduced or it should swap the damage bonus to a large damage penalty so that it's actually survival focused. Personally I'd ditch the speed and turn bonuses and bonus damage, so all you get is enough defence + damage resist to use already superior speed to escape, or evasive manoeuvres.
  • Healing/damage resistance effects need to be moved more towards the high end of engineering and science, to limit their access for escorts, or at least restrict them to low level abilities. Tactical team should really have its shield distribution dropped into the Shield Distribution duty officer with a lower overall effect, boosted by shield power settings.
  • NPCs in PvE need to have their damage significantly reduced, but deliver it as more, weaker attacks (except for things like Plasma Energy Bolts). This way getting occasional enemy fire is manageable rather than potentially killing you instantly. Tanks would still suffer under pressure, but would have more time to react to what's happening, which should emphasise the need for them in PvE, as an escort drawing too much threat would still be overwhelmed over time with the shift in healing abilities.

These are the ways in which things should be fixed. Definitely more work involved but it's hardly difficult stuff to do. Obviously the real boon to PvE would be AI that doesn't suck, but if the NPCs have to remain hit-point sinks then they need to do their huge damage over time so we can actually have tanks and healers doing something for a change.
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